Technical Tour, October 10, 2019.

Tour 1. Lake Kasumigaura (Full, thank you for your registration)  

Lake Kasumigaura is the second largest lake in Japan, located about 60 km north of Tokyo. It receives effluents from agriculture and municipal wastewater treatment plants. As it is a shallow lake, DOM production within the lake is also a cause of high DOM. Water supply from Lake Kasumigaura is challenging due to high DOM and bormide as it is located near the Pacific Ocean. To overcome these difficulties and reduce production of disinfection by-products, an advanced water treatment plant using a combination of AOP and MIEX is now under construction.

By courtesy of Public Enterprise Bureau, Ibaraki Prefectural Government, We will visit:

  1. The Kasumigaura Water treatment Plant (including the pilot plant of AOP and MIEX processes)
  2. The Kasumigaura Environmental Science Center
  3. Kasumigaura Wastewater Treatment Plant
  4. Museum Park Kasumigaura

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Tour 2. Lake Inbanuma (Maximum Capacity: 40 persons)

Lake Inbanuma is located about 40 km west of Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture. It was ranked as the worst water quality if the Japanese lakes due to domestic and other wastewater effluents. As Lake Inbanuma is a source of municipal water supply, controlling the water quality has been a major challenge of the concerned parties. Since the emenrgency action plan has been launched by the Lake Inbanuma Watershed Management Committee in 2004, the water quality including COD has improved, but DOM is still higher than other lakes.

By courtesy of Public Enterprise Bureau, Chiba Prefectural Government, We will visit:

  1. Lake Inbanuma
  2. Chiba Kashiwai Advanced Water Treatment Plant (the first advanced water treatment plant in Japan).
  3. Shinsho-ji Temple, one of the oldest and largest temple in Kanto Area in Japan.

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